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Superset Workouts For Fast Muscle Growth

Superset workouts are a great way to achieve fast muscle growth, while also being more time efficient and can aid weight loss. This article will discuss these benefits and how to do superset training. Firstly we must understand what supersets are so that we are on the same page and more importantly; how supersets can help you pack on muscle fast.

Superset Workouts

What Are Supersets?
Supersets are generally classed as two exercises performed one after another, with no rest in between the first and second exercise. You usually rest for a period after completing the second exercise before doing another set of the two exercises again. There are numerous benefits to using superset workouts. But as this article is about fast muscle growth lets discuss that and see if I can help you get some quality lean muscle onto your frame.

Pre-Exhaust Supersets
Pre-exhaust supersets are definitely geared towards putting on muscle fast. I read somewhere that Toby Maguire used these to get into shape for the Spiderman movies. I cannot verify the evidence of this, but it is food for though none the less. Pre-exhaust superset exercises work by getting more time under tension (TUT) onto the muscle which is essential for muscle hypertrophy (growth) to occur. They also get more intensity and stress onto a muscle.

Performing Pre-Exhaust Superset Exercises
To perform these pre-exhaust supersets you should pick two exercises for a muscle. For example, for the chest you could do a bench press followed by dumbbell fly's, or vice versa. You could use two compound movements such as bench and incline bench. But in my experience using compound exercises (like benches) followed by isolation exercises, such as dumbbell flies really hits the muscle. Once you have your two exercises selected it is a matter of performing a set for the first exercise, then move onto the next without rest. Once you have completed one set for each of the exercises you rest for a minute or so before doing another two sets, then rest, and so on until all sets are completed.

What Are Supersets Good For?
As previously stated supersets are good for increasing the time under tension, improving intensity and promoting fast muscle growth. They also make your body produce more growth hormone which will burn fat and build muscle. You can also use them for faster workouts if you wish. Give superset workouts a try and hopefully they will force your body to start adding more lean muscle mass.

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