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My Weight Loss Success Story - How I Lost 30 Pounds in 30 Days

This is a short story regarding my weight loss success story. Ever since I graduated college I have struggled with my weight. When I was in college it was easy for me to stay somewhat thin. I was able to run 3-4 times per week and I was in the gym almost 5 days a week with my buddies!
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I didn't even need to eat really healthy foods to stay thin probably because I was always so active. After college is when the problem began. Like most people I got a full time job and couldn't go to the gym or running 3-4 times a week as usual. To make matters even worse, when you work it's really hard to eat correctly. I found myself constantly eating fast food during the day and would usually end the night at a restaurant with some friends.

I would try to make up for this by eating what I thought was an occasional "good" meal. What was this good meal? Nothing more than just eating more crap that I made at home but just the fact that it was at home I thought I was being good.

There was a point that I went to the river with some friends and when we got back we were looking at some pictures. I saw myself climbing up a rock with my shirt off and I remember saying to myself "oh my god I am fat, I need to lose some weight like now!"

I also fell victim to many of the fast weight loss fads out there. I'm not going to name programs but diet pills, those expensive diet plans where you have to buy their food exclusively and I even tried a personal trainer but it was just too expensive.

After a lot of experimenting I finally found a program that worked for my personal dieting personality, worked with my eating style and fit into my budget and lifestyle. As a result of finding a diet that fit with me in all these categories.

I was able to go from 222lbs to 196 in a little over 30 days. It gave me so much inspiration and confidence I signed up at the gym and continued on my diet and in another 30 days I was down to about 185. Because of this I am going to outline a few tips for you to adhere to when searching out a diet plan or program.

First of all there are many diets available. Generally if you follow a diet to the letter almost anyone can lose weight. What it comes down to is your goal is to find a diet that matches up to you on many levels. Follow the tips below to find the best diet plan or weight loss method for you.

1. First off, IF you have the money to hire a personal trainer or nutritionist then do it. That's a no brainer. The problem is most people don't. So this doesn't apply to you.

2. I have bought almost 6 diet programs online. Either ebooks or software or coaching programs. My advice is to ONLY purchase programs that give you a 30-60 day money back guarantee.

3. Stick to ANY diet you attempt for a minimum of 30 days. I have usually found that the 30 day mark will give me a good idea of how my body is responding.

4. If you cannot stick to a diet EXACTLY as recommended without making extreme sacrifices then just drop it. There is no point. Your ultimate success will come from sticking to something long term. Most people WILL NOT stick to something it they are going way out of their way to follow it.

5. REMEMBER your goal is to find a diet that is easy for you to follow, fits within your budget, fits your time constraints and lifestyle and something you could stick to for reasonably long periods of time. It is also nice to have some quick weight loss because it keeps you motivated.

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