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Burn Tummy Fat - 3 Great Ways to Burn Your Tummy Fat Away

In the fitness world, one of the difficult jobs in the weight loss program is to burn tummy fat. Even if you eat fewer calories and perform number of sit-ups and crunches daily you are not able to get satisfactory results. The stubborn tummy fat has always been the complaint of overweight individuals because even strenuous exercises and diet do not seem to take effect. Why is this so?
tummy fat

True enough that tummy fat is the easier to gain but the harder to lose. You may see a lot of thin people whom you envy much, but then you are shocked with what they have on their belly, a big fat belly evident when sitting. You may also see dieters that have small face, thin lower arms, fit legs, but the belly remains unchanged, the tummy is still fatty. That is so ironic, right? Actually, how you work on your tummy depends on how you have performed it. Is your diet, exercises and other means enough to burn totally that fat around your stomach? Is it right that you only worked out on your tummy without giving attention to the other body parts?

If you look at yourself in the mirror and gets disturbed with your larger belly, that's the time you may realize to implement ways on how to burn that fat and lose it eventually. However, on the process of fat burning, it must not only address to workouts and exercises. Generally, there are different ways one can do to burn the fat around their tummy, both natural and supplemental.

# 1. Full Body Workout

From the name itself, you have to concentrate on your entire body and not just on your tummy. Performing full body workouts can help reduce total body fat percentage and eventually burn tummy fat deposited on your stomach as quick as it can be.

Total body workout is more effective as it will help you increase lean muscle mass on your body and it helps increase your metabolism. And one thing to remember here is that doing any crunches daily will not definitely boost your metabolism. So the greatest exercise is by working the entire body.

Here are examples of body workouts that you can do at home or at the gym which helps improve blood flow as these works on your muscles to burn fat:

  • Brisk walking
  • Tread milling
  • Swimming
  • Inverted push-ups
  • Seated row
  • Lunges
  • Weight crunching using dumbbells or stability ball
  • Squatting with medicine ball

# 2. Fat burning foods are foods termed "negative calorie foods", because these are foods that can burn more calories even if their caloric content is less.

  • Oatmeal. This is a healthy way to include in your breakfast because oatmeal is rich in Fiber that stays in your stomach for hours, thus preventing you to be hungry and eat all the time.
  • Nuts. Eating nuts can keep you feel full longer. Eating almonds 6 to 10 pieces of it can satisfy your hunger without overloading the calories into the body.
  • Olive oil. Of course, even if we always say we have to avoid fats, the truth is, and everyone needs a little fat, too little enough to control our hunger. Just choose those monounsaturated fats like olive or canola oil that can be used in cooking preparation. Even if you are using fats, they keep your cholesterol under control and satisfy cravings at the same time.
  • Berries. They can be mixed with your oatmeal if you want it to taste sweet.
  • Eggs. Eggs especially egg whites have an increase content of protein and vitamin B12 that your body needs to metabolize fat, thus speeding up the burning process of fat.
  • Beans. They are rich in protein and fiber and have lesser calories which in turn help you to tone up tummy and lose weight at the same time.
  • Lean cuts of meat. Eating protein rich foods allow to burn the body more calories than eating carbs or fat. Protein foods are those lean meats in chicken breast, turkey, pork, and beef. However, the healthier is still choosing tune and salmon because they contain omega-3 that prevents stress and toxic chemicals that can promote fat tummy.
  • Green veggies. Your green leafy veggies such as spinach and broccoli are rich with fiber and have very few calories. do not forget to include these in your diet by making green salad as appetizer before meal. NO SALAD DRESSING please.

# 3. Avoid High Glycemic Carbohydrates because these are harmful carbohydrates that produce toxins and chemicals in the body and produces fat especially in the tummy. They are also easily broken down during the process of digestion causing the glucose or sugar to be released on the blood stream which then caused HYPERGLYCEMIA (Increase blood sugar). Examples of these foods are corn flakes, white bread, white rice, baked potatoes, rice krispies, croissant, etc.
Truly, these ways on how to burn tummy fat can definitely help you as long as you have the sincere effort of following the rules, guidelines and principles of exercise and diet. Do away with your misconceptions about burning tummy fat because that has caused you to fail before, or that will cause you to fail as you go along with these. Learn with this article and apply it effectively and you will see good results.

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